EWA-8400-1 V2A Self-service mat cleaner super-clean (dry cleaning)

EWA-8400-1 V2A

Without water installation, dry cleaning only

For year-round operation even outdoors!

  • Stainless steel housing V2A with different color applications
  • Also inner components made of stainless steel
  • Dry cleaning for carpet mats
  • Closed system - no dust development to the outside
  • Special cleaning brush for effective but gentle cleaning
  • Quiet running long-life 400 Volt motor
  • Diverse coin/jeton/on-button setting
  • Water rinsing device with quick connection for regular cleaning of brush and unit inside

Available accessories for this product:

  • EWA foot pedal for free operation - on/off function.
  • EWA double coin
  • EWA double coiner for mat cleaner and dryer

Picture shows optional equipment

Price on request