Now: Cashless payment for new EWA appliances

2023-10-17 16:52:00 / News
Now: Cashless payment for new EWA appliances -

Available on request: Nayax-Onyx - cashless payment system

You now have the option of integrating the Nayax-Onyx cashless payment system into your new EWA devices. 

The Nayax-Onyx is a contactless device for the use of customer cards, credit & prepaid cards and mobile NFC-based payment transactions.

It enables your customers to pay directly at the central payment station for the self-service vacuum cleaners/mat cleaners:

  • With the Girocard
  • With a credit card
  • With their cell phone (Apple Pay/ Google Pay/ Paypal) and much more.
  • With a customer loyalty app
  • With loyalty cards (as long as they are MIFARE-compatible)
  • Sales - including cash sales - can be conveniently queried via app or web frontend.

Please contact us for further information!